Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Glucose Oxidase glucose Principle

Glucose Oxidase glucose Principle
Glucose in the role of glucose oxidase produces gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide in the role of peroxisome make o-toluidine blue generated material, the non-ferrous material in the 625nm wavelength is proportional with the glucose concentration. Blue substance by measuring absorbance Computable glucose content in the samples. Glucose oxidase (glucose oxidase, GOD) the use of oxygen and water to glucose oxidase for gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide release. Peroxidase (peroxidase, POD) in the color receptors iatrogenic oxygen presence of hydrogen peroxide will be decomposed into water and oxygen, and oxygen receptors iatrogenic color 4 - aminoantipyrine and phenol red condensation dehydro benzoquinones that Trinder reaction. Red benzoquinones generation is directly proportional to the volume and glucose content.
Glucose Oxidase glucose Notes
1) GOD high specific catalytic β-D-glucose, glucose and serum α and β configuration of each 36% and 64%, complete response to glucose, the need to α-glucose mutarotation to β configuration. (Solution: change in the reagents containing helicase mutarotation process to accelerate or extend the incubation time)
2) Peroxidase specific far below GOD, uric acid, vitamin C, bilirubin, hemoglobin, tetracycline, etc. H2O2 competition with the original color receptors, thereby inhibiting the colorimetric reaction, so that determination of the value of low blood sugar.

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